About Zod.TV

What is Zod.TV and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Zod.TV? How can I learn more about Zod.TV and stay up-to-date?

Zod has farmers and consumers, farmers connect their hardware to the edge and allow it to be addressed by consumers as a super computer. Zod provides GPU / CPU Compute, secure enclaves, video transcode and live streaming.

Zod.TV will eventually consist at a zero-trust system, currently it is not fully there. Zero-trust means the edge nodes cannot read your job but can still do the work, math amazing is not?

Until Zero Trust technology improves.

  • All job contents submitted to ZodTV do not go anywhere near the blockchain. They are stored offchain on cloudflare and only accessible to the holder of the keypair that submitted them. Lose your keypair, lose your jobs.

  • The NEAR blockchain is used as a settlement channel, allowing farmers and consumers to harmoniously both get paid and pay for access to the edge.

  • The NEAR blockchain is used as a reputation system, ensuring poor quality or malicious providers do not wreck havok on the network.