About Zecrey

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Blockchains today are not protecting user privacy. Privacy protocols have enabled private cash transactions but these systems lack programmability. It is difficult and expensive for users to achieve complete digital asset privacy.

The Zecrey protocol makes it easy, efficient and cheap to move digital assets into a private setting.

Zecrey can make account balances and transaction amounts confidential. Only you know your own balances. And it also conceals the relationship between sender and receiver and make yourself anonymous in blockchain networks, bridging different blockchain platforms to enable direct interactions between digital assets with complete privacy.

Zecrey protocol can bring anonymity and privacy to account-based transactions. Private transactions are completed in seconds on Layer 2 and will be settled in minutes on Layer 1 with Zecrey. Use the customized Sigma protocol to make it easy and safe to swap assets between different blockchains with privacy. Zecrey extensions enable Layer1 Dapps to provide transaction privacy.