About XDAO

What is XDAO and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of XDAO? How can I learn more about XDAO and stay up-to-date?

XDAO is a unique tool for creating Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and jointly managing crypto assets in just a few clicks.

What XDAO can offer you?

  • Complex Multi-signature Wallet – DAO, constructed using modules.
  • Full-cycle IDO, Launchpad, Accelerator platform for Organizations (investment rising, crowd-funding, public and private sale).

What problem does XDAO solve?

In the DeFi market, there are no effective and convenient tools for companies and projects to invest in decentralized protocols as a joint entity. In XDAO a group of people can easily create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, deposit crypto assets, manage them by voting, sell DAO shares and directly interact with DeFi protocols. In short, XDAO is a fully customizable tool that can be used for treasury management, multisig wallet and the platform for investment. DAOs on XDAO can be any-sized companies.

Aurora Grant


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