WannaSwap - An AMM on NEAR's Aurora EVM.


An AMM on NEAR's Aurora EVM.

About WannaSwap

WannaSwap is one of the first DEXs to run on Aurora’s EVM, allowing fast, simple and cost-effective trading between Ethereum tokens such as Sushi, Balancer and Uniswap and those on NEAR.

The development team’s initial focus will be to create features such as Swap, Farming and Staking for users, but with a number of innovative twists:

  • Transaction fees on WannaSwap will be just 0.2% — the cheapest on NEAR.
  • WannaSwap will have a unique feature called Referral. Users can refer other users to join Farming and get back a reward equal to 3% of the $WANNA earned by the referrer.

In addition to the features of a DEX, WannaSwap has plans for a range of other features, as laid out in its roadmap above.

WannaSwap’s immediate goal is to become a key liquidity hub on Aurora. In future, WannaSwap aspires to be a vital onramp for new DeFi users looking for an easy to use, fast, and low-cost platform, built on NEAR.