Vital Point AI

Vital Point AI

Tackling governance, decision support, and data integrity challenges using blockchain, mixed reality, and data science.

About Vital Point AI

What is Vital Point AI? What is ? Where can I get Vital Point AI tokens? Who invested Vital Point AI? How does Vital Point AI compare to other projects?

Vital Point AI leverages NEAR protocol as a foundational pillar of everything it does. The NEAR collective is a global collection of organizations collaboratively building NEAR.

It includes a number of extraordinary teams, championship-level competitive programmers, and a NEAR foundation backed by the best names in the crypto industry.

Vital Point AI runs a guild as part of the NEAR collective's guild program. Individuals, clubs, leaders, influencers, experts, communicators and others who believe in the project can start guilds like this one and spread the word.

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