Vexed Apes Club

Vexed Apes Club (VAC)

500 Vexed Apes living on NEAR decided to form a club.

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About Vexed Apes Club

What is Vexed Apes Club? What is VAC? Where can I get Vexed Apes Club VAC tokens? Who invested Vexed Apes Club? How does Vexed Apes Club compare to other projects?

Since landing on NEAR, the Vexed Apes have been busy building their ecosystem starting with their resting spot – the VEXED STAKE – where they can begin to earn a native token, $VAC, the central currency within the Vexed Ape ecosystem.

Vexed Apes Club have built the staking platform to be used in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model whereby other projects arriving on NEAR are able to utilise it and start rewarding holders with their native token.