What is TORUS and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of TORUS? How can I learn more about TORUS and stay up-to-date?

A simple and secure gateway to the decentralized ecosystem via Google or Facebook OAuth logins.

Easy for users, easy for dapps, blockchain agnostic.

User experience for key management with blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms need to improve to achieve mainstream adoption. Do away with complicated tools and interfaces and onboard users directly to what your dApp offers.

Torus allows users to login to your dApp with their OAuth accounts, Google and Facebook, to derive their private keys in a trustless manner.

Torus is built and designed to be trustless. An individualโ€™s identity and keys are fully protected and not controlled by a central authority.

Torus decentralised key generation system distributes user keys with proof mechanisms set in place to prevent and punish malicious activity. The management of user keys is encoded into a smart contract layer, whilst the bulk of transactions are conducted via private channels off chain.