The Munky Monkey

The Munky Monkey

3k Munkys who live inside the NEAR blockchain.

About The Munky Monkey

What is The Munky Monkey? What is ? Where can I get The Munky Monkey tokens? Who invested The Munky Monkey? How does The Munky Monkey compare to other projects?

The Munky Monkey is a collection of unique Munkys on the NEAR protocol. You can use your munky for both personal and commercial use.

1st generation has been launched - 3,000 Munkys which are the original Munky and have their own rarity with over 300 traits. The 2nd generation will result from the breeding taking place in our breeding area. The 3rd generation (Evo-Gen) will be created from the M-Evo tools. To qualify for this and other benefits, one would need to hold a Munky.