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The Corpsemen

A Community for the New Carbon Future.

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At this cross section of blockchain and climate change, the Corpsemen will be the crypto-public facing side of the OFP. We will be the ones communicating the project to the crypto audience and galvanizing the community surrounding its token – $OPN – which is scheduled to publicly launch early next year. In short, it is the Corpsemen’s job to make sure that the rest of the crypto world understands that the future of crypto is green and has a key place in the new carbon economy.

In the early days of OFP, before the token launch, the Corpsemen will be the early community of OFP. Our doors will be open to those early adopters looking to learn, research, and discuss all things OFP. As the early community, we will be preparing for the OFP community to come, laying out the blueprint for the ecosystem.

By the time of the token launch, the Corpsemen will be one of the pillars of the newly emerging OFP community. You may understand the “OFP Corpsemen” in the way you understand “Navy Corpsmen”: an elite task force in service to the community.