About TavernDAO

What is TavernDAO? What is TVN? Where can I get TavernDAO TVN tokens? Who invested TavernDAO? How does TavernDAO compare to other projects?

TavernDAO has forged partnerships with an armada of established guilds. Our partnered guilds include Monstax, The Lambda Clan, Lorcan Gaming, Hooga Gaming, Metapac, SolX, Genxies, and an ever-growing list of Small-Medium sized Guilds.

Our partnered guilds have an established record of running not just scholarship programs, but have also spearheaded the Play2Earn ecosystem.

They have hosted international competitions like the FTX Galaxie Cup, as well as national competitions like the Luno Battlexie Winter Cup. We will work together with them to ensure quality-assured scholarship openings on TavernDAO for scholars.

Aurora Grant