About Switchboard

What is Switchboard? What is ? Where can I get Switchboard tokens? Who invested Switchboard? How does Switchboard compare to other projects?

Switchboard is a community governed protocol — if additional on-chain data is needed, you will be able to publish it yourself after reading through these docs.

Switchboard's products are the Explorer, Publisher and Verifiable Random Function (VRF).

  • Explorer: Explorer is an explore page where users scour for published feeds (that have fixed parameters) and are able to take a feed’s public key to integrate it into their programs.

  • Publisher: Publisher is a core application where users shop for curated feed templates or utilize the in-built low-code (drag-n-drop interface) custom build tool with many task types to build your very own feed. After selecting a curated feed template or building out a feed, users will go through a configuration panel to customize their parameters to fit a specific use case.

  • VRF: Blockchains are not hardware, hence, true randomness is not achievable. Switchboard’s VRF was modelled after Algorand’s pseudo-random function implementation allowing verifiable randomness to be generated on-chain. Use cases such as Casinos, game theory, NFT minting mechanism can be relied on VRF.