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Swagger DAO, push the boundaries within fashion and blockchain technology building projects and teams creating the best fashion products in the blockchain space. The main goal of strengthening the community through swag, culture and fashion.

As the first project in Swagger DAO, we’ve have been working on some updates for the NEAR Swag and the store. The main object of NEAR SWAG 2.0 is to create the best print-on-demand apparel and merchandise collection and store set-up in the crypto space for the NEAR Community.

Over-all, the aim of this update is to:

Explore and push the boundaries of crypto swag fashion and commerce from a both product, marketing and technical integration aspect. That said working within the limits of the dogma of maximum automatization using print-on-demand production.

Present quality sourced goods manufactured and handled logistically in the most environmental and cost efficient way with the best NEAR SWAG product ever.

Develop processes for NEAR Swag to autogenerate, develop and create graphics and products in co-creation through various communities, projects and guilds within the great community of NEAR.

In order to make some nice products, we have to:

Source quality products with an automatized supply chain. NEAR is not a clothing company with actual stock of goods. We will crunch those challenges by choosing solutions that create automatization which means:

The production supply chain link is automatized via Printful’s print-on-demand services offering low cost production locally in their production network upon order confirmation.

All clothing products will have a NEAR logo printed on the inner back for a full NEAR SWAG product experience and not a branded Fruit Of The Loom t-shirt with logo printed on front as it is today.

Then, by connecting these services and solutions, NEAR SWAG becomes a swag brand that runs with a fully decentralized and automatized design-, marketing-, production-, commerce-, payment- and logistic operational set-up.

To do this we would like to :

Use the metrics of fashion commerce, PR and brand building to increase anticipation, excitement and hype of new NEAR SWAG product releases.

Make products that both employees, developers, contributors, guild members and fans of NEAR etc. are dying to show off everywhere they go, because it’s a nice product that represents a project they truly believe in.

Furthermore present a product that appeals to non-crypto natives and in the end also serve as a NEAR on-boarding touch point and case study on how to tap into different creative business genres. Encourage the community to participate whether it’s setting up bounties, events and collabs etc. within NEAR guilds, communities and dApps in the design and graphic development process to accumulate content and material for a full circle NEAR community brand journey.

A few facts about the store and upcoming initiatives:

New store design - build on dShop on Origin protocol: The store is built on the world’s first decentralized e-commerce platform, blockchain-powered project Origin Protocol on their dShop solution which offers integration with decentralized printing company Printful.

Pay with $NEAR, other cryptocurrencies or credit card: Payment with NEAR token is already possible as well as Moonpay for other cryptocurrency payments such as ETH and DAI. Payment through Stripe integration for credit card payment with VISA or Mastercard is also possible.

NFT minted for each NEAR SWAG product: Each product from NEAR SWAG will have an NFT minted presumably via Mintbase which the buyer receives to their NEAR address upon claiming it after order confirmation in the store. This integration will be added in 4-6 weeks from now. That means that this will be the last NEAR SWAG products without NFT. What an archive piece in 20 years!

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