About Suterusu

What is Suterusu and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Suterusu? How can I learn more about Suterusu and stay up-to-date?

A launchpad for interoperable privacy-preserving blockchain. We intend to implement an anonymous cryptocurrency based on the setup-free ZK-ConSNARK scheme. At first, our cryptocurrency will have a Mimblewimble-like structure albeit based on groups of unknown order. We will further extend our implementation to privacy-preserving smart contract.

The economic model of our currency is deflation based. At the early stage, the validators will be paid with fee for their efforts. The fee payment process will be accompanied by a proportional burning mechanism similar to Bancor. With the development of our system, we envision our ecosystem can offer more sophisticated services to the users other than simply payment transaction.