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What is Strudel Finance? What is TRDL? Where can I get Strudel Finance TRDL tokens? Who invested Strudel Finance? How does Strudel Finance compare to other projects?

Strudel Finance is the first and only one-way, trustless bridging protocol linking Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and other centralized assets to the expanding DeFi landscape. Powered by the governance token, Strudel Token (TRDL), Strudel allows BTC, BCH, and other assets to be utilized in the Ethereum and Polygon ecosystems to reap the benefits of liquidity mining, arbitrage, lending, collateralization, and more.

By eliminating the need for custodial control of assets with typical wrappers, Strudel’s trustless protocol trades off counterparty risk for market risk while using market dynamics, crypto-economic incentives and cross-chain capabilities to maintain a pegged, scalable, and capital-efficient ecosystem. This one-of-a-kind economic approach offers average users and big money investors alike numerous options for monetary growth and grants more diversity and security to DeFi.

Strudel Finance Token Stats

Strudel Finance Token Symbol isTRDLStrudel Finance TRDL Price


Strudel Finance TRDL Price All Time High / All Time LowPrice ATH / ATL ⓘ

$14.07 / $0.011

Strudel Finance TRDLMarket Cap


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Strudel Finance TRDL24H Volume


Strudel Finance TRDL Total Value LockedTVL ⓘ


Strudel Finance TRDL Fully Diluted ValuationFDV ⓘ


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Strudel Finance TRDLTotal Supply

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