About Stakin

What is Stakin? What is ? Where can I get Stakin tokens? Who invested Stakin? How does Stakin compare to other projects?

Stakin is a devoted validation service provider for Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks. With our products, token holders can earn interests on their holdings and shape the future of the networks in which they believe.

Our talented global team has a strong track record of outstanding execution in Network Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Finance. It is this combination of innovation, intellectual capital and diversity that enables us to provide distinct and effective services for our clients and partners.

Stakin leverages on the infrastructure of leading cloud and Tier 3 colocation providers so you don’t have to operate a node by yourself. We also use sentry nodes, HSMs, and live monitoring tools to ensure that our validation operations run with 99%+ uptime.

As a dedicated staking provider, we are completely aligned with the interest of our token holders. With our own digital assets also locked up, we are fully engaged towards the success of each of the protocols where we operate.

Our expertise goes far beyond running nodes. Stakin is very involved in governance debates and proposals. We also educate both crypto holders and non-crypto holders thanks to simple guides and non-technical how-tos. Staking with us helps us maintain our positive contributions.