About Stakely

What is Stakely? What is ? Where can I get Stakely tokens? Who invested Stakely? How does Stakely compare to other projects?

Stakely is a blockchain staking provider that aims to validate the most relevant and promising networks.

It was founded in Q4 2020 by people with a lot of experience in blockchain. In less than a year, Stakely.io has experienced exponential growth, with over 1900 active users staking millions worth of dollars in their nodes.

The main focus of Stakely is to offer the best staking user experience, with step-by-step tutorials, FAQs, custom staking interfaces, referral programs, and staking insurance. We have built some community tools, such as a Ledger application, validator monitoring scripts, and Telegram bots. We also have one of the largest Spanish communities in Telegram, where we arrange AMAs and other community activities.