About Staked

What is Staked? What is ? Where can I get Staked tokens? Who invested Staked? How does Staked compare to other projects?

Staked operates the most secure, performant, and cost-effective block production nodes for decentralized PoS protocols on behalf of institutional investors. Our multi-tier signing and listening node architecture delivers stakeholders the ideal combination of security, scalability and decentralization.

Staked helps institutional investors reliably and securely compound their crypto by 5% - 100% annually through staking and lending.

The Staked team has a long and successful track record of starting, building and operating web services at companies such as IAC/InterActiveCorp, Vimeo, AdBuyer/MediaOcean, PlanetTran, Flavors.me, Haystagg and Think Gaming (YC 2014).