About Spin

What is Spin? What is ? Where can I get Spin tokens? Who invested Spin? How does Spin compare to other projects?

Spin is a DeFi derivatives infrastructure built on NEAR Protocol, a reliable and scalable L1 solution. The on-chain order book solution offered by Spin provides a CEX-competitive experience to DeFi users. Founded in June 2021, Spin was the first product to offer on-chain order book solution on NEAR Protocol.

The advantages of the order book model include better user experience compared to AMM, flexible liquidity, easy access for institutional traders, secure and transparent on-chain verification, opportunity to price different types of instruments, and trading robots interoperability. The order book based infrastructure unlocks the opportunity to build various types of derivatives with different levels of complexity in the DeFi space including but not limited to perpetual & quarterly futures, power perpetuals, floor perpetuals, options, exotic options, everlasting options, options vaults, basis trading, fixed yield, structured products, and RFQ.