Your passport to the NEAR Protocol Ecosystem.

About Spaceport

What is Spaceport? What is ? Where can I get Spaceport tokens? Who invested Spaceport? How does Spaceport compare to other projects?

The Spaceport Docking Station (SDS) refers to an innovative on-ramp and deployment platform into the NEAR Ecosystem. Since its inception in Q3 of 2020, NEAR has defined itself with a user-centric account model that holds the promise of onboarding the masses of ‘normies’ into the crypto verse. Spaceport operates as a middle-way custodian, offering newcomers to the NEAR Ecosystem the best of both worlds: 1) Custody and security in trading, staking, and interacting with NEAR dApps, alongside 2) The unique capacity to ‘undock’ or ‘redock’ their assets into an account that only they control.