Snowball - Snowball Your Returns.


Snowball Your Returns.

About Snowball

Snowball combines multiple DeFi protocols to create an interconnected experience. Swap stablecoins, deposit liquidity, or auto-compound liquidity rewards.

The Snowball protocol builds upon the work of Pickle Finance from the Ethereum Main-net. For our first community product, we are releasing Globes. Globes are smart contracts that allow users to reduce the cost of auto-compounding their returns at a high frequency. We have launched the experimental community governance SNOWBALL token and SnowGlobes.

In the interim, Snowball will solely be a way for users to take advantage of yield farming opportunities on Pangolin, a decentralized exchange on Avalanche. As more protocols are built on Avalanche, we expect to expand further.

We use a simple structure including a controller, strategy and globe smart contract. The Controller oversees the strategy and globe. The strategy is responsible for the claiming and managing of assets within the globe. Initial Snowball strategies will use Pangolin rewards to increase your position as a liquidity provider and provide sGlobe tokens as a receipt.