About Silicon Craftsmen

What is Silicon Craftsmen? What is ? Where can I get Silicon Craftsmen tokens? Who invested Silicon Craftsmen? How does Silicon Craftsmen compare to other projects?

Silicon Craftsmen Guild is a community-led working group supported and funded by the NEAR Foundation, whose sole focus is to develop and advance the Web 3.0 Product Design and User Experience (UX) standards.

Silicon Craftsmen founding team is made up of early crypto adopters — OGs with experience with a wide range of protocols, Product Designers — obsessed about the user and building magical experiences, and Builders — creative problem solvers who hustle to make things happen. Now we are uniting under one banner, joining forces under one guild to leverage each others’ knowledge and experience, and, most importantly recruit others like us to help us design the dApps that will onboard the next million users to de decentralised Web 3.0.