About Shroom Kingdom

What is Shroom Kingdom? What is SHRM? Where can I get Shroom Kingdom SHRM tokens? Who invested Shroom Kingdom? How does Shroom Kingdom compare to other projects?

Shroom Kingdom is an upcoming play-to-earn video game built with web technologies running on the NEAR Protocol Blockchain.

You can play with your favorite plumber brothers. Build your own levels or play levels from others. Every level built on Shroom Kingdom is stored on the blockchain as an NFT.

By playing the game you can either actively earn $SHRM tokens via participating in game activities or earn them passively, if other people play or like your levels. The $SHRM token will be used to acquire in-game purchases such as unlocking new building blocks or upgrading licenses, e.g. increasing level upload limits. There won’t be an upper limit of $SHRM tokens. If people play the game, they will be generated and if people spend them on in-game purchases they will be burned.