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What is SeatlabNFT and how does it work? What is SeatlabNFT token SEAT how is it used? Where can I get SeatlabNFT SEAT tokens? What are the key features and benefits of SeatlabNFT? How can I learn more about SeatlabNFT and stay up-to-date?

Seatlab is solving some of the ticketing industry’s biggest problems with our NFT ticketing Marketplace.

Seatlab provides complete control over the secondary marketplace, which means you can capitalize on all secondary ticket sales via the royalty split function within our application. This provides a solution to scalping and inflated ticket prices caused by touts. True fans can finally purchase tickets they deserve at a fair price, whilst allowing you to generate more revenue on every sale of each ticket.

Built on top of the NEAR blockchain, we’re creating a fully functional, fraud preventing NFT ticketing marketplace, where the idea becomes feasible due to the ultra-low transaction fees and blockchain speed. We aim for artists and event organisers to sign up, set up a profile and mint their NFT tickets in less than 1 minute.

Combining the NFT collectible boom with event experiences, our marketplace allows you to incentivise your audience by minting unique NFTs that can be airdropped to ticket holders during or after every event. Separate to the NFT ticket itself, these collectibles can be visual or audible NFTs that can be rewarded to all ticket holders, displayed as a memory of the event, and ultimately can be resold at a later date.

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Seatlab NFT Token Symbol isSEAT

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$0.040805 / $0.004451

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SEAT Token Contract

SEAT is deployed on the NEAR Chain (NEP-141). Find the Seatlab NFT (SEAT) NEAR contract address details below.NEAR Chain (NEP-141)