About RedStone

What is RedStone and how does it work? What is RedStone token how is it used? Where can I get RedStone tokens? What are the key features and benefits of RedStone? How can I learn more about RedStone and stay up-to-date with its developments? Where can I get Whitelist

RedStone creates cross-chain data oracle providing pricing data for Smart Contracts & DeFi protocols.

Our mission is to unlock Web3 potential with affordable and reliable data feeds delivered to multiple chains including i.e. Ethereum, Avalanche or Polygon. We leverage Arweave blockchain to create affordable storage with a permanent audit trail of crypto and real world data feeds.

Who invested in RedStone? RedStone Funding, Financials, Valuation & Investors

Investors: Lemniscap, Blockchain Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Distributed Global, Lattice Fund, Arweave, KR1 plc, Bering Waters, Maven11, SevenX, FoliusVentures, Numeus, The Graph, 4SV, PermanentVentures, ComputeVentures