About RealBirds

What is RealBirds and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of RealBirds? How can I learn more about RealBirds and stay up-to-date?

RealBirds are a flock of 4,185 uniquely customized birds, definitely not government planted artificial spying drones.

RealBirds are the first Omnichain NFT native to the NEAR protocol, only 1,000 RealBirds will ever be minted on NEAR. Our contract is built on the LayerZero stack, which is revolutionizing the possibilities of a multi-chain future. The flock completely embraces the CC0 ethos, emphasizing creativity, inspiration, and free use. Our ultimate goal is to embrace, empower, support, expand, accelerate, and fund the Omnichain future as well as our native $NEAR ecosystem.