About Radom Network

What is Radom Network and how does it work? What is Radom Network token how is it used? Where can I get Radom Network tokens? What are the key features and benefits of Radom Network? How can I learn more about Radom Network and stay up-to-date with its developments? Where can I get Whitelist

Radom Network is building the world’s first blockchain-based payment gateway. With Radom Network, Web3 companies and DAOs can access critical services required to operate their business without ever having to off-ramp.

Underpinned by a decentralised protocol for service discovery and authentication, sellers can on-board through the Radom dApp (decentralised application), and sell access to their internet-connected assets, such as cloud servers, API servers, proof-of-work miners or databases with on-chain and on-demand payments in stablecoins.