About Quant Role Play

What is Quant Role Play and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Quant Role Play? How can I learn more about Quant Role Play and stay up-to-date?

Quant Role Play - we are creating a full-fledged open game world not similar to GTA based on the ETH/NEAR blockchain, the possibilities of which will allow you to freely work, develop, earn, communicate, meet and realize all your desires inside the game world. We will provide players with a new level of games in WEB3: real currency, stable economy, high-quality role-playing, training and development, earnings, freedom of choice and much more.

GTA is about tasks and missions. GTA has an end. We are talking about a real metaverse where everything is possible and there is no end. There is only development and progress. In Quant Role Play we are building an open world with cities and countries, police and gangs, entrepreneurs and government, etc. Our mission is to create a good product that we will improve together with our players. We do not make a perfect picture, we want to create something similar to real life.