About Popula

What is Popula and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Popula? How can I learn more about Popula and stay up-to-date?

Popula is the infrastructure devoted to the Web3 Community Economy, leading a new paradigm for the Creator Economy powered by open-source protocols.

Popula provides a community-friendly playground for creators to share content, and for users to explore, interact and participate in different communities. Behind the Popula interface is a Point System, a reputation protocol that issues non-transferrable tokens (Points) to record value-added behaviour within a community and signal the reputation, contribution, and commitment of participants. By leveraging the Points System, Popula’s Community Economy Protocol Set helps creators monetise and incentivise member co-creation. They enable creators to leverage expertise from within their communities, freeing up their time while generating increasingly higher-quality content and accelerating growth. At the same time, members of those communities can see their contribution recognized (accruing reputation) and rewarded (accruing upside and perks), which encourages them to keep supporting more creators, thus fueling the whole ecosystem’s growth.