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What is Pocket Network and how does it work? What is Pocket Network token POKT how is it used? Where can I get Pocket Network POKT tokens? What are the key features and benefits of Pocket Network? How can I learn more about Pocket Network and stay up-to-date?

Pocket Network is the TCP/IP of Web3 node infrastructure – a decentralized, multi-chain relay protocol that incentivizes RPC nodes to provide DApps and their users with unstoppable Web3 access.

Pocket Network uses a native cryptocurrency (POKT) to create a permissionless, two-sided market between node providers who run full nodes and developers that want to query data from a blockchain for their application/service. POKT is purchased and staked by both developers and node providers to participate in the network.

Developers, requiring reliable infrastructure and relay amounts for their applications, stake POKT a single time for a guaranteed amount of relays per session for the life of the stake. The amount of POKT required to be staked is directly proportional to the number of relays required. The number of relays allowed per session can be adjusted for price fluctuations of the POKT token through governance mechanisms.

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Pocket Network Token Symbol isPOKT

POKT Price Today


POKT Price All Time High / All Time Low - Price ATH / ATL

$3.11 / $0.038271

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POKT Total Value Locked - TVL


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POKT Total Supply

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