Pixacotta Army

Pixacotta Army

The First Rug Insurance NFT to protect NEAR.

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About Pixacotta Army

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Pixacotta Army is a collection of 1500 pfp pixel warriors risen to protect the NEAR ecosystem, and the first NFT to offer an Insurance-type utility against hard rugs in the $NEAR market.

Together, we will create a DAO that operates a NFT Rug Relief Fund and a NFT Vetting Council to help build a safer NFT space for all. The NFT Rug Relief Fund means that Pixacotta Holders that experience hard rugs on the NEAR ecosystem can get refunded. The scope of refunds will depend on the Pixacotta DAO’s consensus. 10% of mint proceeds will fund the creation of the Pixacotta DAO treasury. 75% of secondary revenue will be allocated to the treasury, which will operate the Relief Fund.

Roadmap 2.0 will be laid around the idea of the DAO shaping a Vetting Council that helps review new projects minting in the NEARverse, as well as an NFT insurance protocol and other community-driven ideas. These can bring sustainability to the NFT Rug Relief Fund and help create a safer space for NFTs on NEAR.