In this open-world brainchild of Prewins and NEAR, travel the world in AR, unlock new Parrots, and battle your way to ultimate glory!


Parrotopia on NEAR

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About Parrotopia

What is Parrotopia and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Parrotopia? How can I learn more about Parrotopia and stay up-to-date?

In this open-world AR, team-up with Parrots as you explore the whole world. The core loop of Parrotopia can be dissected into three simple steps. First, travel the world to narrow down your dream parrot. Then, fight for it. Challenge other users and emerge victorious, proving your mettle. And lastly, continue the winning streak to earn exclusive rewards and power-ups helping you upgrade your parrots, and achieving the ultimate glory!