About OneKey

What is OneKey and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of OneKey? How can I learn more about OneKey and stay up-to-date?

OneKey is made up of a group of professionals who have been working with cryptocurrencies for many years, and is fully committed to building a safe and useful cryptocurrency management tool to provide a complete and secure service for the cryptocurrency industry, so that more people can benefit from decentralized finance.

OneKey is the decentralized multi-chain cryptocurrency hardware wallet. It is the No.1 in sales growth rate in the hardware wallet market in mainland China in 2021. OneKey has a diversified product line, including OneKey Swap, Onekey desktop, Onekey Plugin, and Onekey App. OneKey hardware wallet supports ETH, OKT, BSC, HECO and other networks, compatible with OneKey plugin and Metamask to connect hardware wallets to participate in DeFi, it is the necessary hardware wallet for users to participate in DeFi.