About Nodeasy

What is Nodeasy? What is ? Where can I get Nodeasy tokens? Who invested Nodeasy? How does Nodeasy compare to other projects?

Nodeasy is not only a comprehensive information service platform in the era of Staking Economy, but also a Staking ecosystem buidler and many excellent project node operators.

The website provides full currency on-chain information display, personal node monitoring and asset analysis, and node generation operation services.

At present, it has established good cooperative relationships with dozens of projects such as IRISnet, Harmony, COCOS, IOTEX, IOST, Polkadot, Cosmos, ChainX, Horizen, Lad, Edgeware, EOSC, NEAR, MATH, etc., and helped the project build a community or held a line Next activity, continue to output weekly reports for the project.