About Nightly Wallet

What is Nightly Wallet and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Nightly Wallet? How can I learn more about Nightly Wallet and stay up-to-date?

Nightly Wallet is your key to the Metaverse by being available on NEAR, Solana and Aptos - and it’s certainly not the end. Nightly provides functions such as tokens swipe, staking & liquid staking, and NFT display on each chain - but it’s not everything. Nightly Wallet gives you a variety of possibilities by providing mobile apps on iOS and Android.

Apart from extension and mobile wallet, Nightly Ecosystem provides you Nightly Connect - a protocol that establishes a connection on the chain between mobile (for example Nightly Mobile Wallet) and any dApp. Just open Wallet on your phone, scan the QR code and that’s it - your comfort comes 1st.

What’s more, Nightly has already been integrated into the NEAR Wallet Selector, so implementing it into your app is a piece of cake - simple, fast, and effortless, just as Nightly.

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