About New Order

What is New Order? What is NEWO? Where can I get New Order NEWO tokens? Who invested New Order? How does New Order compare to other projects?

New Order was created with a goal to build a self-governing incubator positioned to assist DeFi innovation, through promoting new asset classes, chain independence and machine learning. Our community includes some of the most accomplished and respected DeFi and Web3 professionals and projects. We believe that the immense opportunities of decentralized finance can only be rendered through embracing collaboration, non-segregation and multi-chain at its base. Web3, as compared to the legacy internet of the present, is best utilized through collaboration and communal contribution as opposed to the oligopolistic domination witnessed today. This vision has yet to be widely developed in the blockchain space, and thus is largely bottlenecked by the lack of interoperability, and this is exactly why we are introducing New Order.

New Order is an Ecosystem DAO that is built to operate as a launchpad for the most innovative Web3 financial products, tools and applications that contribute to the vision of creating a fully composable financial ecosystem embracing multi-chain DeFi at its core. The DAO will support early stage projects aligned with its vision of being chain-agnostic, focused on a plethora of innovative new-age asset classes including data-driven tokens, NFT's and more. The primary goal is to create an ecosystem that is not bottlenecked by limited interoperability and allow liquidity to freely enter markets and foster growth in the biggest financial ecosystem in DeFi.

New Order Token Stats

New Order Token Symbol isNEWONew Order NEWO Price


New Order NEWO Price All Time High / All Time LowPrice ATH / ATL ⓘ

$1.32 / $0.002125

New Order NEWOMarket Cap

$2 377 847

New Order NEWOMarket Cap Rank


New Order NEWO24H Volume

$239 353

New Order NEWO Total Value LockedTVL ⓘ


New Order NEWO Fully Diluted ValuationFDV ⓘ

$14 825 255

New Order NEWOCirculating Supply

128 313 301

New Order NEWOTotal Supply

800 000 000
Data Source: CoinGecko