About NearMoon DAO

What is NearMoon DAO? What is ? Where can I get NearMoon DAO tokens? Who invested NearMoon DAO? How does NearMoon DAO compare to other projects?

NearMoonDAO is an exclusive DAO community of 99 Nearians with the aim of supporting early-stage projects built on NEAR to further the expansion and growth of the Crypto Ecosystem.

Members of NearMoonDAO are individuals who have demonstrated significant contributions to the Near community as founders, builders, engineers, community leaders, product managers, and investors. Using the "hive mind" of a DAO, the Members will collectively vote and deploy early-stage investments in projects that aim to be the next NEAR, Ethereum, and Binance.

Over time, NearMoonDAO could evolve in a number of different directions as the Members have the right to vote on every matter including but not limited to the fundraising, operation, and closure of the DAO. The direction is completely up to the Members.