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About Pixelparty

What is Pixelparty and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Pixelparty? How can I learn more about Pixelparty and stay up-to-date?

Pixelparty is kind of a NFT on the NEAR Blockchain with a total supply of only 600 tokens. Each token represents a subframe of the Pixelparty-Frame. Each token you own authorizes you to draw the frame (20x20px) you own in the way you want and be a part of the big picture. You can just draw something you like or even could buy several connecting frame and use it to advertise for something.

Additionally we will make an announcement for a new bigger NFT project later this year and all Frame-Owner at the moment of the announcement, will get a free NFT Token at the new project! Take your chance!

Connect your wallet via login, look in the "Frames on Sale"-Area for available frames and buy the frame you like. While hovering over the buy button, the associated frame will highlight on the Pixelparty-Board.

Afterwards the frame appears in the "Your Frames"-Area and you can draw whatever you want!

In case you don't want your frame(s) anymore, you can put them on the marketplace at any time and for the price you want.