NEAR Mobile Wallet

NEAR Mobile Wallet

Securely store, manage & transfer NEAR & other crypto on the go.


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About NEAR Mobile Wallet

What is NEAR Mobile Wallet and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of NEAR Mobile Wallet? How can I learn more about NEAR Mobile Wallet and stay up-to-date?

NEAR Mobile is the ultimate non-custodial mobile wallet for securely storing, managing, and transferring your NEAR tokens and other cryptocurrencies on the NEAR blockchain. With NEAR Mobile, you can easily create accounts, reserve NEAR IDs, view your tokens and NFTs inside the app, stay up to date with the latest news, stake your NEAR and earn rewards, and interact with other dapps on the ecosystem - all in one user-friendly platform.

Non-custodial: You have complete control over your NEAR tokens and other cryptocurrencies, with no intermediaries involved. Secure: NEAR Mobile uses the latest security measures, including two-factor authentication, biometric authentication, and PIN protection, to keep your funds safe. User-friendly: With its intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate design, NEAR Mobile is perfect for both new and experienced crypto users. Reserve NEAR IDs: Easily reserve your NEAR ID within the app to create a more user-friendly wallet address. Staking rewards: Stake your NEAR and earn rewards directly within the app. Interact with other dapps: Easily connect and interact with other NEAR ecosystem applications directly from NEAR Mobile.

NEAR Mobile is the perfect all-in-one solution for managing your crypto assets on the NEAR blockchain. Download NEAR Mobile today and take control of your crypto!