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What is NEAR MetaBUILD and how does it work? What is NEAR MetaBUILD token how is it used? Where can I get NEAR MetaBUILD tokens? What are the key features and benefits of NEAR MetaBUILD? How can I learn more about NEAR MetaBUILD and stay up-to-date with its developments? Where can I get Whitelist

MetaBUILD will take you from idea to market ready in 8 weeks.

Write, test and deploy scalable decentralized applications on the most developer-friendly blockchain using the languages you already know – even Javascript.

NEAR is here to help reimagine your world and empower users to have full control and responsibility over their data. Build simple, scalable and secure dApps, DeFi, Web3, Gaming, Digital Art/Collectibles, infrastructure apps and tools, or migrate an existing EVM app to NEAR.

Join the NEAR MetaBUILD Hackathon and start coding.

Stay tuned for online meet-ups, educational workshops and mentor days!