About NEAR Hacker House

What is NEAR Hacker House and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of NEAR Hacker House? How can I learn more about NEAR Hacker House and stay up-to-date?

The NEAR Hacker House is open to those looking to build projects on NEAR. It is a series of week-long in-real-life events with in-person guidance from key industry players in the NEAR ecosystem, providing technical training, mentorship, and acceleration for builders, artists, marketers and entrepreneurs in the Web3 space. Each night after the Hacker House, there are also community-driven networking events.

The first two communities to host NEAR Hacker House are @NEAR__Miami, happening from May 18 to 22, followed by @NEAR_ATX from June 8 to 12.

Together, let us learn, build, relax and repeat. Builders, artists, founders, marketers, investors, everyone is welcome to come hang out with old/new friends in the NEAR community!

Directory: • Telegram group: 🌴Miami🌴 - Link 🌵Austin🌵 - Link

• Participant interest form: 🌴Miami🌴 - Link 🌵Austin🌵 - Link

• Sponsorship interest form: 🌴Miami🌴- Link 🌵Austin🌵- Link

• Speaker/instrustor interest form: 🌴Miami🌴 - Link 🌵Austin🌵 - Link

• Volunteer interest form: 🌴Miami🌴 - Link 🌵Austin🌵 - Link

• Tentative schedule: 🌴Miami🌴 - Link 🌵Austin🌵 - to be confirmed

• List of venues: 🌴Miami🌴 - Link 🌵Austin🌵 - to be confirmed