NEAR Guilds

NEAR Guilds

Open-source innovation for the Open Web and the NEAR Ecosystem.

About NEAR Guilds

What is NEAR Guilds? What is ? Where can I get NEAR Guilds tokens? Who invested NEAR Guilds? How does NEAR Guilds compare to other projects?

NEAR Guilds is the model of open-source innovation for the Open Web and the NEAR Ecosystem. Guilds represent the future of community driven innovation, contributions, and project development on NEAR. A place where talent can find a home with global teams of crypto entrepreneurs, and where new community members can find a place to learn about the in’s and out’s of crypto in a friendly and inclusive environment.

Join A Guild To Participate in the NEAR Ecosystem, Fine Tune Your Crypto Skills; Learn About New Projects, Blockchain Innovation, and Crypto Solutions; Build the Open Web, and Pioneer The Business Models and Technologies of the Future; Expand Your Network Within the Industry and Build A Reputation For Yourself and Your Guild.