About Naksh

What is Naksh and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of Naksh? How can I learn more about Naksh and stay up-to-date?

Naksh is an Indian NFT marketplace catering to artists and artisans from across the country. The platform, which operates on the NEAR blockchain will showcase a curated collection of famous and non-famous artworks produced in the Indian cultural context across both - the traditional and digital mediums. Through this collection, Naksh will attempt to spark a conversation around the revival of Indian practices and artforms which have begun to fade away with time.

The team at Naksh will always strive to make our marketplace a little more than just a marketplace. A place for engaging, exploring and investing in the art ecosystem, our primary aims revolve around creating a comfortable experience for both the buyer and the seller. Since the NFT ecosystem is a growing one, evolving at a very high pace, there can be some instances of doubt creeping into the customers - which is quite well justified. Naksh has actively tried to incorporate this facet into our business model, where we will take regular and conscious steps towards making NFTs the new normal.

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