MOVE Capital

MOVE Capital

Backing Early Stage NEAR Ecosystem Projects, Protocols, Startups, and dApps.

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About MOVE Capital

What is MOVE Capital? What is ? Where can I get MOVE Capital tokens? Who invested MOVE Capital? How does MOVE Capital compare to other projects?

MOVE Capital exists to support founders and developers launching high-potential products on top of NEAR Protocol. MOVE Capital is NEAR Ecosystem Native investment vehicle for early stage projects looking for financial support, mentorship, and strategic guidance in the new frontier of Web3 development.

The aim of Move Capital is to help the emergence of the new generations of Dapps that are going to lay the foundations of the Open Economy in the NEAR ecosystem.

MOVE Capital offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to get access to the necessary funding to realise their projects as well as the guidance needed in order to succeed in their endeavours. What distinguishes its approach from the mainstream VC is that Move Capital’s work focuses on the long term future of the projects, mentorship, and accessibility. Crucially, it helps new entrepreneurs to navigate the world of crypto, get embedded in the ecosystem and widening their perspectives by putting them in touch with other VCs and opportunities.