About MoonNoobs DAO

What is MoonNoobs DAO? What is MOON? Where can I get MoonNoobs DAO MOON tokens? Who invested MoonNoobs DAO? How does MoonNoobs DAO compare to other projects?

MoonNoobs DAO provides liquidity to the NEAR Protocol ecosystem and supports new projects through early VC investment, strategic planning and brand awareness. The $MOON token benefits holders through staking in a diversified portfolio of new and upcoming projects.

Each MOON token is backed by a basket of NEAR protocol tokens providing an intrinsic value which the token cannot fall below. The MoonNoobs treasury has a unique mission to both grow and support top projects within the ecosystem through acquiring assets with a commitment to holding. The MoonNoobs DAO distinguishes itself from other DAOs through its no sell commitment. Each token held within the treasury will be locked up providing confidence to projects that their tokens will not be dumped on the open market. This ensures that the MoonNoobs treasury grows together with the underlying ecosystem of the NEAR protocol.