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About MintbaseDAO

What is MintbaseDAO? What is ? Where can I get MintbaseDAO tokens? Who invested MintbaseDAO? How does MintbaseDAO compare to other projects?

MintbaseDAO is the new Createbase; the official community of What is a DAO you may ask? A Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a formalized community that self-governs on a blockchain. In our case, that blockchain is NEAR Protocol.

The first transaction on Mintbase happened in 2019 on Ethereum. The first use-case was ticketing for MetaCartel at Berlin Blockchain week. In August 2020 Mintbase was transforming and re-writing the code on NEAR — after it had gone live in April 2020. Aiming to pursue utility NFTs, Mintbase is a clear pioneer in NFT toolkits on NEAR.

NEAR always had the intent to be a collective, a foundation, and a blockchain. It does make sense that NEAR was interested in the creation of a guild associated with Mintbase. That was when Createbase was born, in November 2020, when Mintbase was not even live on mainnet.