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What is Meta Pool and how does it work? What is Meta Pool token META how is it used? Where can I get Meta Pool META tokens? What are the key features and benefits of Meta Pool? How can I learn more about Meta Pool and stay up-to-date with its developments? Where can I get META Whitelist

Meta Pool is the liquid staking solution for NEAR and wNEAR token holders.

Users staking NEAR and wNEAR with Meta Pool receive in exchange a NEP-141 standard token, stNEAR (staked NEAR). The stNEAR token simultaneously accrues staking rewards and unlocks users’ liquidity enabling them to participate in DeFi activities (e.g. lending, farming, borrowing) on NEAR and Aurora.

Meta Pool solves the problems associated with PoS networks staking (illiquidity, immovability and accessibility) and also aims to distribute staking in multiple validators to improve censorship-resistance of the NEAR network.

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Who invested in Meta Pool? Meta Pool Funding, Financials, Valuation & Investors

Investors: Narwallets, D1 Ventures, SkyVision Capital, A&T Capital, BlockWall, Dragonfly Capital Partners, MOVE Capital

Meta Pool Token Stats Token tracker, NEAR and Aurora Explorer

Meta Pool Token Symbol is META

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$0.118024 / $0.000807

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META Token Contract

Meta Pool is deployed on the NEAR Chain (NEP-141). Find the Meta Pool (META) NEAR contract address details below.


Meta Pool is deployed on the Aurora Chain. Find the Meta Pool (META) Aurora contract address details below.


StNEAR Token Stats Token tracker, NEAR and Aurora Explorer

StNEAR Token Symbol is STNEAR

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STNEAR Price All Time High / All Time Low - Price ATH / ATL ⓘ

$21.10 / $0.853593

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