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About MarketingDAO

What is MarketingDAO and how does it work? What are the key features and benefits of MarketingDAO? How can I learn more about MarketingDAO and stay up-to-date?

The Marketing DAO allocates funding to NEAR ecosystem marketing initiatives seeking grants under $10K USD. The Marketing DAO is made up of globally distributed marketing professionals, creatives and NEAR enthusiasts.

The Marketing DAO began during the summer of 2021 to empower active members of the NEAR Community to use marketing activities to further the overall growth and expansion of the NEAR ecosystem.

The origins of the Marketing DAO date back to the original Sputnik DAO. We were among the first to migrate to AstroDAO when it launched and to this day are amongst the most active DAOs.

The MarketingDAO has, over the course of its time in operation, incrementally assumed responsibility for:

  • Monitoring the Forum for proposals and Community comments related to the Marketing DAO
  • Reviewing proposals from Community members (guilds, DAOs, entrepreneurs, creatives and service providers) in depth to understand and evaluate their strength and value to the NEAR Community and its overall growth
  • Asking questions and giving feedback with the goal and intention of allocating funds to active members of the Community aiming to deploy high-quality marketing activities to grow and expand the NEAR ecosystem
  • Providing clear explanations for decisions
  • Offering additional advice, support and strategic feedback via the Forum, individual meetings and other direct communications as needed to support Community members in the success of their proposals
  • Tracking the review process and council decisions regarding proposals with transparency

In addition to the above activities, we regularly request and review reports detailing metrics and analytics, as well as other supporting documentation (receipts, cost estimates, etc.) to ensure responsible allocation of Community funds.