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What is MAP Protocol and how does it work? What is MAP Protocol token MAP how is it used? Where can I get MAP Protocol MAP tokens? What are the key features and benefits of MAP Protocol? How can I learn more about MAP Protocol and stay up-to-date with its developments? Where can I get MAP Whitelist

MAP Protocol is a blockchain interoperable protocol designated for cross-chain Dapps, application-ready, all-chain coverage, cost-efficient, and security-finality.

MAP Protocol provides verification finality by Light-client, supports smart contract development on Map Relay Chain, offers cross-chain services components for Dapp's convenient deployment, and enables universal connections with all chains by proactively embedding other chains' feature as pre-compiled contracts in EVM layer of Map Relay Chain. MAP Protocol maintains a cost-efficient network by simply charging Map Relay Chain's gas fee for cross-chain transactions.

While cross-chain bridges can be easily built with MAP protocol, the protocol itself targets a more fundamental problem and pursues grander vision: boosting the whole cross-chain ecosystem by building a solid cross-chain Dapp infrastructure. Any Dapp built with the infrastructure automatically inherits the cross-chain nature of MAP protocol without requiring the developers to tackle the error-prone cross-chain communications. With the technical threshold of building cross-chain Dapp reduced, the ecosystem shall thrive.

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MAP Protocol Token Symbol is MAP

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