About Lots of Lands

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Lots of Lands is an immersive NFT-based game that is set in what we call meta-earth, a digital version of the real-world map. In this meta-reality players accumulate resources, territories and assets while interacting and building governance and business structures with each other. At its heart, Lots of Lands is all about freedom and autonomy.

Players are presented with a fun and compelling gaming experience in which they are able to pursue whatever paths of development and action they want. Players’ goals will not always align with each other, which is something that will have to factor in players’ strategies. But what the game does is that it offers players the chance to act and create on a stage that most don’t have access to in physical reality. The experience of acting and playing in this game is enjoyable and deeply compelling, but, thanks to the technological underpinnings of the game, the results of actions taken have real economic consequences. Rather than the play-to-earn model that most blockchain games are built upon, Lots of Lands is built on a play-and-earn model, where neither aspect takes precedence over the other. The NFT basis of the game will help it transcend the limitations of other world-building games and incentivize in-game cooperation and content creation among players.