About LandToEmpire

What is LandToEmpire and how does it work? What is LandToEmpire token GOLD how is it used? Where can I get LandToEmpire GOLD tokens? What are the key features and benefits of LandToEmpire? How can I learn more about LandToEmpire and stay up-to-date?

LandToEmpire is a play-to-earn mobile ready strategy game on Near Protocol. The game is set in a fantasy world where the player is the lord of the land. In LandToEmpire, players have to upgrade their land using resources gained from attacking other players lands or producing them on their land. To attack, players train different types of troops using resources. The main resources are gold and elixir. Players can unite into clans, which can then participate in clan battles, and communicate with each other.

A premium GEM token is used to speed up construction and upgrades. GEMs can be obtained by passing levels and completing various tasks.

Players can trade game tokens on the exchange, withdraw and deposit them into the game.

To trade units in the game built NFT-marketplace.

The game team supports the Proof-of-Game standard - this means that the creators of the game will not trade tokens and NFT, all tokens put up for sale will come from real players with a link to their land. The team's earnings are royalties from p2p NFT trading. Everything else is the players' earnings.